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    Released November 11th, 2016


  • "Can U Feel The Way I Feel"
    Mizz Martinez

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Artist Dossier ______

Artist dossier

The New Show, “Serendipity”, is an artistic production where the composition of the tracks is created on an improvised way.. Live! In a similar way as a Dj set but using various electronic instruments & percussion. A colorful mixture of vintage and new gadget generation of electronic equipment, e.g Nord Modular, Novation Bass Station, Fender Rhodes piano, Korg MS10 Synthesizer, Alesis Drumpad, Roland TR8 & Ableton Live

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Collage artist dossier

New Release ______

Artwork cover 'Closer'

Latest release from Mizz Martinez is at heart a mission to the far reaches of the soul, a desire to reach answers in even the smallest of magical encounters that surprise us between every sunrise, the hidden essence, the elusive search for purpose, a navigation of our internal hall of mirrors, a flight across a sunlit landscape, a love of belief, a need for another way.
It comes to you in 5 delectable flavours :
Green: A Spectacle of dreams... a trance/progressive feel on deephouse mode. Mixed by Hedi Quali
Yellow : classy, non-GMO 100% organic, a loving flashback to the 90s underground UK garage scene. Notorious Mix
Blue: SuperBallad - deep blue ocean...a mix between Adele, The Weekend and FKA Twigs
Magenta: Album/Radio - Pop/Dance. Mixed & Produced by Glissando Bros
It is out now!

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Previous release ______

Artwork cover 'Dreamer'

Mizz Martinez announces the release of her new single “Dreamer”
Inspired by a legendary classic, "Dreamer" weaves the universal message
behind John Lennon´s " Imagine" into a dream-like Deep House groove
with hypnotic surging killer bass-line.

Order now on iTunes, read our PDF release or view it online at PRlog.org.

Previous release ______

Artwork cover 'Can U Feel The Way I Feel'

Mizz Martinez announces the release of her single “Can U Feel The Way I Feel.”
The track, a blend of eclectic, neo-progressive Pop/Rock, was released globally
on September 21, 2014.

Order now on iTunes, read our PDF release or view it online at PRlog.org.


Mizz Martinez, formerly known as Eva Martinez and female vocalist of Fragma, has strong links to both London and to the island of Ibiza, home to the finest clubs and dance music culture of Europe.

She started her career as a club promoter in London before recording her debut single Everything U Want. This track was played extensively on Kiss FM as well as other radio stations and widely supported by DJs such as Judge Jules and Graham Gold. This was soon followed by her second single Who U Wanna Be, well received by the underground dance scene.

In the Summer of 2000, Eva was the featured vocalist on the Top 10 UK hit Toca Me by Fragma, touring across the UK and Europe and appearing in the music video. She then launched Sola Music, her own label, and released a trance version of the Fleetwood Mac classic Tell Me Lies. It achieved a Top 5 dance chart position and was subsequently released in the USA and across Europe.

Eva then released her single Vive, lighting up the dance floor with its sultry vocals and sensual Flamenco-flavoured house vibe. Prior to rebranding herself as Mizz Martinez and going solo once again, she had been the lead singer for Basement Secrets.

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"Tell Me Lies"


"Don't Ever"


"Tell Me Lies"


"Toca Me"


"Closer at HEART IBIZA"


"Mizz Martinez Bootleg-Flocon de neige"



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This track is about raising awareness... about the cold climate within society, about government and wars. It's about the radical, untamed and volatile world in which we are living. Humans should focus more on interacting with nature and saving our planet from deforestation, global warming and chemical trails. As a society, we need to protect our natural resources and make the planet a better, safer place for our children.

Written, mixed and produced by Mizz Martinez, David Stewart and Marco Bussian


Mizz Martinez

Santa Gertrudis (Ibiza)
Balearic Islands, Spain
P: +34 619 506 015

Management & Enquiries

John Waller Management
London, UK
P: +44 (0) 20 7247 1057


Absolute via Universal
London, UK
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